About Us

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Welcome to Be Attrangi ! 

Be Attrangi is to Be Different, Be Unique, Be Crazy, Be Wierdo, Be Yourself !!  With this idea of being different out of the ordinary, We started our journey. 

At Be Attrangi we specialises in making our own designs and handcarfting them into beautiful products . Along with our creativity and hardwork, We put our heart and soul to make awesome products for you and make you Attrangi too.

We provide a wide variety of Real Flower Resin Pendants, Coloured Pendants, Alphabet Keyrings, Amazing Bookmarks, Studs and Earrings, Customised and Personalised Gift Hampers, Variety of Soy Wax Candles and much more!

All products are proudly ‘Made In India’


About the founder - 

Aditi, was a banker but her love for creativity and producing something dynamic, new and different drove her to start her own tiny attrangi place in this world and with this started our brand Be Attrangi in 2022. She aspires to create something new and distinct every day to live up to the brand name. 

If you want to keep up with our latest launches, behind-the-scenes, and other interesting content, follow us on Instagram at @beattrangi