When will i get my order?

Our products are handcrafted and it takes 3-4 working days in making and further 3-4 working days in delivery. Once you place the order with us, you will get your product in 7-10 working days.

Do you customise?

Yes, we customise our pendants, earrings, bracelets, keyrings as per the colour and design requested by the customers. Just whatsapp us at 9888451575 with your requirements and we will make it for you with respect to the available resources.

Do you preserve flowers?

Yes we do flower and flower petals preservation in jewellery products such as earrings, bracelet, pendants and rings. We also preserve in coasters, keyrings and 8 inches showpiece.
We compress the flowers and make it considerably flat for it to preserve. Our pieces is 1 cm deep only and not more than that.

We DO NOT do deep cast preservation of full flowers. The preservation deeper than 1 cm is of the full flowers without any pressing of flowers which we do not do at Be Attrangi.

What is the process involved in flower preservation?

The flowers are sent by the customers to us at their own expense. We clean and compress the flowers for a few days if required and then make the product requested and send them for delivery.

Does the pendants have real flowers in them?

All the flower pendants have real flowers in them preserved in a coat of epoxy resin. The flowers are pressed and dried and if customers want to customise, we colour the flowers to match their moods and outfits.

How can I pay for my order?

You can pay via any online platform such as gpay, phone pe, paytm, Bhim, Or you can pay through your debit and credit cards and also we have the facility of net banking. All of our payments are managed through Razor Pay. It being a trusted source you can completely be assured of your payment safety.

Cash on Delivery is discontinued as of now due to some fraudulent activities by few customers. Each product is handmade and requires a lot of effort so we have now kept our payment system online and very transparent.